Banquet Hall – Vishwaratna Hotel

Banquet Hall – Vishwaratna Hotel

For Amazing Events to be Cherised Forever

Spacious Banquet Halls for Convenient Events

Step into a world of unforgettable celebrations within our hotel's spacious pillarless banquet halls. Meticulously designed to host a wide range of grand events and functions, our versatile spaces transform to seamlessly accommodate your every desire. It is equipped with a functional PS system, music system, LCD projector and screen.


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Open Air Banquets

Rooftop - Open Air Banquets

Experience the delight in Hotel Vishwaratna's RoofTop Garden, the perfect premise for unforgettable winter weddings, gatherings, programs, and celebrations that will leave a lasting impact on your guests. Our beautiful rooftop decorated by plants on the boundary walls offers a stunning panoramic view of Guwahati City. Enjoy an amazing meeting on our rooftop and its stunning beauty.